Why Should I Avoid Salt If I Want to Lose Weight?

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Salt is something that most people way over do. In fact recently they found out that Americans are typically getting in about 3600 mg of Sodium a day. When the guidelines are that if they are healthy they should only get in 2300 milligrams, and if you have any kind of heart issues or diabetes we want it to be as low as 1500.

So clearly people need to make a change, and salt causes you to retain fluid which is going to make it more difficult to lose weight, and it also helps with lowering your blood pressure again. If you can lower that sodium you're most likely going to lower your blood pressure as well.

With salt you'd like to keep the salt levels probably for most foods to less than 250 milligrams. There're some foods that are naturally going to be higher in salt, for example milk has a lot of sodium in it but that's natural occurring so you don't want to avoid milk because of the sodium because the milk actually does help in lowering blood pressure but something like bread.

Most breads and in fact bread is the number one source of sodium in the typical American diet. So going maybe with a smaller piece of bread can be an easy way to cut that out. There are some low sodium breads that you can also can find but that's really a big secret that brought us a number one source of sodium in the diet, it isn't the salt shaker.