What Foods Are Included in the DASH Diet?

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The DASH Diets include all of healthy food groups, it starts with the whole greens, we'd like most of our grains to be whole grains. Then it ads in the fruits and vegetables, and the more the better, especially with the non starchy vegetables because they're very low in calories and they're very filling, so that's a great way to get filled up without overdoing the calories.

Then you can add in the dairy low fat, primarily low fat or non fat, such as low fat cheeses, skimmed milk, non fat yogurt, those are all great choices. Then we have the lean meat especially poultry, and also eggs, we didn't talk that earlier but eggs could also be part of it, and there we want foods that don't have a lot of saturated fats so we look for lean beef, we'd look for chicken without the skin, we want the turkey without the skin.

And then also a lot of sea food because sea food is very, very low in fats, and the sea food that does have fat is the heart healthy fat. So those are all great choices to have in your diet.