What Happens to the Male Penis as He Ages?

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Tell you what happens when you are in your 20's and 30's even your 40's, you've to think of yourself as a car, you're still pretty new, you're off the lot, things are still working well, you don't have to replace too many parts, you can long distance, I mean, you're a shiny new car you're doing well.

But we're cars which means as we get older we rust, we age. As we rust and age, things just don't work like they used to, and the penis is a prime example of that. And one of the things we have to worry when we age, is we hear about menopause for women, but we don't hear too much about andropause.

Andropause is about a 1-2% drop in testosterone every year since above the age of 40. So, it takes a little time but eventually a man's testosterone can drop quite significantly. But what you should know is after the age of 50, we can accelerate that andropause situation. How do you accelerate it? Actually, with a little bit waist again, a little bit of belly fat, testosterone drops you in further as much as 15, 20% a year the testosterone can drop and the belly comes out.

So, that becomes a big concern, and when the testosterone drops men take on actually more estrogen, which means they have more female place features. So, the penis doesn't get stimulated as much, blood flows are able to go into the penis as much. So, I tell them that after the age of 50, not only to take care of their heart to try keep their car as new as possible.

But, also to talk to your doctor particularly about getting a testosterone test, but you have to remember one thing a testosterone test really doesn't tell us much unless you get that have blood draw between 8:00 and 10:00 in the morning. That's when you get your surge of testosterone.

That's when you want to see how high it gets, and the good news is that you can increase your testosterone not so much with pills and injections, but by making just some very small behavioral changes, and one of those is weight loss, another one of those is getting more sleep, and by increasing you testosterone back into a normal range, not too high, you don't want it too low, that can essentially allow nerve function to be like it was when you were younger to allow blood flow to be like it was when you were younger.

So, you may be an oxidizing car but I want you to turn back time and become more of a newer model.