Can Orgasms Improve Health?

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Can orgasms improve health? The answer is absolutely, and that has been researched over and over again. The sort of use it, or lose it phenomenal and going on with the human body. So, if you don't work out on your muscles, you don't lift weights, the muscle actually shrinks. If you don't do a lot of reading, or do something to stimulate your brain essentially that can cause memory issues, but down here it's actually the same.

What researchers have learnt is that with every orgasm, and you're flushing out that area down there. Especially the area that runs within the prostate, you see a lot of secretions, they come out and essentially in that fluid, as we establish. But what it means is, use it or lose it, means that when you follow a man who had a lot of organisms throughout life.

And I'm not just talking about intercourse, they could have been through nocturnal emissions that we also call wet dreams, they could have been through masturbation. There has been some suggestion of a lower rate of some diseases down there, including one large study actually that show a potential lower rate of prostate cancer.

So we know disease lies, it's either reducing your risk to certain diseased, or a worse case scenario having no effect, and also to the orgasm itself. The orgasm itself tends to cause a variety of things that are very wonderful for the human body, and one of those things I want you to remember besides the fact that you're burning calories, is also it releases a few different hormones.

It releases something called opioids, somewhat it's like a pain reliever and also a hormone that actually reduces stress and reduces anxiety. So you are getting, almost like a runner's high, you're getting all those benefits they talk about with exercise, with orgasms. So the science is behind it that's one reason I want you to have those, and also the changes that happen in the body are very positive for you immediately, so immediately, and long term, you win with an orgasm.