What Foods Can Help Me Lose Belly Fat?

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The best foods to help you lose belly fat are foods that are low in carbohydrates. Now, those are usually the grains, and those are something that someone with more belly fat, we call it the hunter type, has much more trouble with. So, we try to restrict and reduce the grains and that means things like pasta, breads, cereals, corn, rice, we have to reduce those because they'll turn into sugar.

More sugar means more belly fat, the worst thing diabetes and heart disease. So, the way I like to think about eating for somebody who has more belly fat is to eat like a hunter, and a hunter could eat anything that they could catch or kill or forage or find, it's a hunter-gatherer, and so think about eating foods that you could get.

A piece of fish, a piece of meat, some poultry, some berries, fruits and nuts and vegetables, all that stuff you can forage. What you couldn't forage would be grain, you couldn't forage a loaf of bread, you couldn't hunt some pasta. So, those are things that you've got to avoid if you want to get rid of belly fat.