Why Is Staying Hydrated Important?

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As my professor said in medical school the solution to pollution is dilution. You want to make sure you want to make sure you stay well hydrated so you can flush out all those toxins so you can clear out your bowels, so you can hydrate your tissues, when you're dehydrated and you detox you can feel achy and tired, so it's really a good way to flush everything out and feel great and you can use things like coconut water and other electolite balanced and rich mineral-rich drinks to get you through the process of detoxification.

Hydration is really important for us, just as human beings we're mostly water, we need water to run our metabolism, to flush out chemicals and toxins from your body, to clean your bowels, most people are dehydrated on a regular basis that makes them feel tired and achy and headachy and if you just have eight glasses of clean pure water everyday, that would be enough for most people.

You can also supplement with other liquids like coconut water which I love myself because it is full of life and it tastes good.