What Foods Can Help Me Boost My Metabolism?

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Well there's two things you have to know about food. One is what you're eating and the other is when you're eating it. And those two things have a huge impact on your metabolism. So what you're eating is really important. So eating protein with every meal, having small frequent meals is really critical.

Now protein actually can speed your metabolism, when you have protein for breakfast instead of a big doughnut, or a bagel, you're actually going to be increasing your burning calorie ability all day long. So your metabolism will speed up maybe by a few calories, seven calories a day maybe but that actually over a year will lead to pounds of weight loss also cutting out sugar and processed foods which damage your metabolism will actually, naturally helps speed up your metabolism.

There's also wonderful plant foods, antioxidant-rich colorful vegetables and fruits that have natural compounds that boost your metabolism apples and an increase your metabolic fire let's say. Now, the other thing I would say is that when you eat is very important, and that's why I said you have to eat breakfast this lunch and dinner and two snacks.

They say breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince supper like a popper, that's a good advice because what it does it downsizes out your blood sugar and insulin all day long and prevents this swings that drive cravings that drive hunger that drive appetite. They really mess up your metabolism and change how your hormones so when your hormones are out of work and your hunger's out of control and your energy is up and down, it's easy to fix by starting with protein in every meal like fish, chicken, vegetables, eggs, nut seeds, beans and having good quality fruits and vegetables and good quality whole grains in each meal, you'll see a very quick week or two you'll see a dramatic change in your metabolism.