What Changes Should I Make to My Diet to Reduce Inflammation?

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So there's a lot bit you can do to your diet, to change information because food is medicine, some like medicine, it is medicine. Is the most powerful drug that we have to prevent and treat and reverse disease. So we can even diet this inflammatory which has led most of the seed, which is sugar and white flour, meat and processed foods we can eat anything the inflammatory diet which is whole foods, fresh fruits and vegetables, beans, nuts, seeds, wholes grains.

Are whole grains far than whole grain, and these are those foods that aren't inflammatory and there's a couple that are really specific and important, omega 3 fats, they come from wild fish, you can have arms that aren't inflammatory like ginger and crocumen which come from like turmeric yellow spicing and in curry and plant foods that are just simply vegetables add by nature inflammatory, so I encourage to eat a whole foods plant-based fresh food diet, basically if it has a label don't eat it.