What Are the Symptoms of Food Allergies?

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Most people don't connect the dots between how badly they feel and what they're eating. So when you look at the foods that could be triggering this they can cause all sorts of symptoms that you might not even think they are connected [xx], brain fog, fatigue, weight gain, depression, irritable bowel, bloating, reflux, joint pain, muscle aches, post nasal drip, sinus problems, congestion, asthma all of these things can be triggered by food sensitivities and you might not have it immediately after you eat but it might be a day or two later or you might feel the symptoms all the time because you're just eating these foods all the time and when you stop them, they get better.

When most people think of food allergies, they think of a shellfish allergy, peanut allergy those hit you right away instantly, your tongue swells up, your throat closes up, you get hives, you need an Epipen for that right away. Those are very different than the late food allergies, or food sensitivities.