What Are the Health Risks of Drinking Cow's Milk?

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We've seen all the health claims from milk that has been in all the milk ads but the scientists are telling us they've got proof. Science is finding that there is a number of serious concerns about milk, one it can increase weight gain, two, it may increase the risk of fractures and broken bones not decrease, three it can increase certain cancers like prostate and ovarian cancer and also causes a host of allergies and inflammatory problems like asthma and eczma as well as things like acne even digestive issues like irritable bowel from gas and bloating from lactose intolerance.

In terms of cancer, what we are finding is that milk contains dozens of naturally occuring hormones and growth factors and one of them is found at the increase in the body called insulin-like growth factor or IGF-1 and that makes cancer cells grow, and that's gonna lead to certain cancers like prostate cancer, double the risk ovarian cancer.

So milk makes little cows grow into big cows and milk seems to make cancer cells grow.