What Are the Benefits of Consuming Polyglycoplex (PGX)?

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So obviously more fiber, that's why I recommend a super fiber. It's called Polyglycoplex or PGX and it's a super fiber. It's a new fiber that's from an amalgamation of different fibers from konjak root and sea weeds and what's unique about it is it absorbs about 600 times it's weight in water.

So if you parluor this powder in a glass of water and you drink it and after 15 minutes in your stomach it swells up into this gel that absorbs fat and sugar, and it prevents your blood sugar from going up, your insulin from going up and your cholesterol from going up and it cuts your cravings and it causes weight loss.

So it's a powerful tool in fighting diabesity, obesity, diabetes, cholesterol issues, heart attack, lots of things.