How Should I Choose Healthy Milk Products?

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I really believe that milk is nature's perfect food if you're a calf, and that most of us as adults probably don't do very well with drinking milk, from cow's milk, but some of us can. For those of us who can there are good sources, for example, organic cows milk. Raw milk is a whole other category and there's a lot of controversy about that, but some people say that that's better for you, and then there is non-dairy alternatives, things like soy milk or almond milk or coconut milk, hemp milk.

These are all alternative sources of non-dairy dairy products that you can use and find in most grocery stores. The key thing to remember when you're looking for dairy alternatives is to look at the sugar content. You don't want to buy the sweetened versions of the almond or the soy or the hemp milk or whatever milk you're buying or rice milk because it's drinking a lot of sugar if you have the ones with added sugar, you want the ones with very low sugar content.