How Does the Metabolism Influence Weight Loss?

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You know your metabolism is actually what brings calories and when you bring calories, you loose weight, so the question is what affects metabolism? There's many things, the food you eat, levels of activity and exercise, stress, your nutritional levels, all these things impact your metabolism.

So in a scientific sense, metabolism is taking oxygen that you breath and calories that you eat and burning them inside your cells and that's what generates energy on your body. Now when that process breaks down because you lose muscle, where most of the metabolism happens as you sort of gain belly fat, you lose muscle, you get all kinds of muscle pendia which is muscle loss, you end up with a condition we call prediabetes, and that's really a massive condition of slow metabolism.

And it's easy to fix by changing the way you eat, by changing your activity and exercise levels, and by taking a few nutritional supplements and you can boost your metabolism.