How Do I Know If Food Is Gluten-Free?

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The best way to know if the food that you are going to eat is gluten free, is to eat foods without labels. So if it's an apple or an omni or an avocado, you know it doesn't have gluten. If it's packaged or processed in any way, there is a high likely hood that it has gluten hidden in it, even if it's not the main ingredient, because they use it to stick it together, even French fries for example, have gluten.

If they are dipped in gluten and they fry so that the French fries stick together. So be really conscious of foods that are prepared outside your kitchen in the factory because they are likely to have gluten. If you are going to be looking for gluten on the label, the best thing is to look for any word that has weed in it, but there are hidden names like natural flavorings and other secret things that you might not know like barley malt, that might not be something that you might trigger as a gluten, but barley malt is a sweetener, it's often found in a lot of natural products, it sound healthy but actually may be full of gluten.