How Can Taking a Hot Bath Help Improve Sleep Quality?

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I love what I call the ultra bath because it will make you feel ultra good. It's a special combination ingredients including hot water, really hot as hot as you can stand it, add some salt which is meant magnesium and sulfates, magnesium sulfate, magnesium is the most important relaxing mineral, it relaxes everything in your body, and you absorb it in your skin, in sulfur it's very detoxifying, and lavender oil, ten drops of lavender oil, you put it in your bath.

Lavender oil reduces [UNKNOWN] which is stress hormones and big shampoo manufacturers and baby bath makers, put in the baby bath because the babies don't even cry when you put the lavender in the bath so you add one [UNKNOWN] add some salt, 10 drops of lavender oil, hot water.

You have an ultra bath makes you feel ultra good.