How Can I Help Prevent Food Allergies?

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The best way to prevent food allergies is to eat well, to sleep well, to take care of yourself, and when I mean eat well, I mean eat a diet that's rich in fiber, rich in plant foods that helps fertilize the healthy bacteria and keep your gut healthy. It's a diet that's rich in nutrients like omega 3 fats and vitamin D and zinc which help to really repair and heal the guts so you don't get a leaky gut.

It also is avoiding drugs that are gut busting drugs, things like antibiotics or acid locking drugs for reflux or drugs like anti-inflammatories like advil. Those drugs tend to create a leaky gut and that's how you prevent food allergies. You prevent a leaky gut, you eat good you get enough sleep, you take care of yourself, you take the right supplements and you can prevent a leaky gut, and you can prevent food allergies.