Are There Alternative Treatments for Perimenopause Symptoms?

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There are a lot of alternatives to the conventional MO. The standard treatment that you're going to get at most gynaecology offices is botox birth control pills and antidepressants. Well, what are the other options? There are herbalists, there is acupuncturists, there's chiropractors, there's people that practice functional medicine that really look at your body differently.

There's compounding pharmacies that might want to specialize a special hormonal supplement formula for you, there is also a lot of herbs out there. Chasteberry is an herb that actually tries to mimic progesterone, and that was the hormone that a lot of women are missing in the perimenopause years, or its out of proportion or out of sync compared to what it used to be, but they may not feel good about using a hormone, a herb might [xx] them better.

So the Chasteberry formulas, that's what the is doing it trying to hit the progesterone receptors, there is also ashwagandha, and there's a lot of forms of iso flavors from soy and non-soy sources depends on the individual. So there is a lot of things that you can pair up together, try one at a time, research further and decide what you want to try.

Most things in the herbal world you have to give them a couple of months chance to see what they're going to offer you, and obviously if they felt poorly or you didn't feel well, you'd want to maybe backup off and talk to your doctor, but there's a lot of options out there, you shouldn't feel like there's nothing.