What Is Nori Seaweed?

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Nori is a type of seaweed that's consumed widely in Japan, as well as Asia and more now increasingly in America today. Nori commonly will be found in healthy stores, supermarkets in fact, and they come in packages and they look like sheets, sheets of paper except it's black. And if you ever had sushi you've had Nori because sushi is made by rolling, because you put the Nori sheets down, you put rice and then your vegetables or crab meat or whatever else you want to put in there and you roll it up, I call it the Asian taco.

Again, instead of using a tortilla you can use Nori and it's low calorie, it's wonderful. Anyway, get back to Nori, the health benefits of Nori. What you have here is a vegetable that has just as much omega-3 fatty acids into one sheet of Nori compared to two avocados, two avocados, which is incredible if you think about it.

Without the fattening properties, although avocado is great and I would highly recommend that, but seaweed. So, Nori can be eaten as part of your sushi or you can shred it put it in your soup, put it on baked potatoes, there's all kinds of ways to eat it. This is the only seaweed that you don't have to cook, the other type of seaweed you need to first re-constitute because they usually come dried, and then you have to cook it before you can eat it, but Nori is very simple.

You can even find them in snack food sections now in some specialty grocery stores or Asian grocery stores, and they can become toasted with a little sesame oil and it absolutely is delicious. I use it personally in place of pita chips to dip my hummus, and so this is what I use now and it's fantastic.