What Is Kombu?

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Kombu is another type of seaweed that's commonly consumed in Japan, Asia as well as now more so in America and in fact it's part of the Chinese herbal materia medica. We use it clinically on a daily basis to help patients promote metabolism, so what it does is it really boast metabolism, helps people loose weight and the fiber in seaweed they originates the carogen as well as agar.

Really this fiber increases your feeling of satiety so then you feel full, faster right? And furthermore it's because it's so packed with iodine it really sort of helps produce two very critical fibre hormone which controls metabolism and increases the metabolism, help you loose weight.

There is a Another thing in seaweed that's incredible, particularly Kombu the dark pigment on the plant, and we find this to be true across the board if you look at the blueberries, if you look at strawberry, you look at dark vegetables the pigment is really where the anti-oxidants are, and the antioxidant in the pigment of Kombu is called fucoxanthin.

This particular antioxidant nutrient, stimulates and boosts the production of particular protein that helps break down fat. So it really is good for fat metabolism, and another thing that I want to mention about seaweed is that seaweed in particular Kombu also binds to heavy metals, so it's also used to clear your body and purify your body of heavy metal in case you're picking things up like mercury from the fish and other things form the environment.

So I highly recommend you try to get some kombu into your diet. Now kombu is also used in a stock soup called dashy and is traditional kind of Japanese equivalent to chicken broth, so we eat chicken broth here as if [UNKNOWN] and the Japanese use Doshi and they're very simple, you just take a chunk of Kombu, you sock it in the boiling water and that broth now or you can add some [unknown] mushroom of other things if you like but that brock is used as a base for many preparations.

So enjoy your kombu and help yourself with some weight loss in the process.