What Foods Are Nutritious for My Skin?

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Well, so what types of nutrition can you incorporate into your diet that would be excellent for your skin health? There are so many, obviously we are talking about fruits and vegetables are probably your number one choice because they're are full of vitamins. What are the vitamins that are really good for your skin? Well, vitamin A the beta-carotene, vitamin B, the B complexes and then the C.

So the ABCs of your skin, and all of these act like antioxidants and they really help rejuvenate your skin, support collagen for example and texture, mosturization so forth. So what kind of vegetables are we talking about? Leafy greens, so spinach, kale greens, kale, mustard greens and then all the cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, and cabbage, squashes, cucumbers and lot of these wonderful vegetables contain rich sources of vitamin A, vitamin B and vitamin C.

Now let's look at the fruit kingdom. Right, the fruits with the fruit acids, are really helpful for skin, I'm sure you have used tropical products that contain food acids that are mild exfoliants, and so that could be citrus for example or from apple or other kinds of fruits, strawberry for example.

So all the berries have fantastic for you skin and if you can imagine for a second, these little berries, they just sit out in the sun and they're just bombarded by the UV Rays and the UV Rays as you know is so destructive. And so you can be out in the sun or try it if you want, but I recommend that for three hours with no sun block, right in the smack of noon time.

And I guarantee you, at the end of three hours, you're going to fry like a lobster, alright, your skin is going to be destroyed, I don't recommend that because obviously that can cause skin changes that can lead to skin cancer, but look at these berries, are out there naked and with all these UV, nothing happens it just get's more plumb.

Well, what's protecting them antioxidants, the pigment on the surface, the skin of the fruits are really helpful because they contain potent antioxidants like the blueberries, the [xx]. So they really help your skin as well, so eat lots of berries, eat lots of fruits and lots of leafy green vegetables and these will help you rejuvenate and protect and make your skin youthful looking.