What Are Yin and Yang In Traditional Chinese Medicine?

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So people ask me just like I mean this is two foreign sounding words yin and yang. What is that? It sounds like town and country to me. Well, yes it's been coped as such but think of it this way all right? So the ancient Chinese had needed a way to describe the phenomenons that they see in the universe.

In fact, they need to describe a law, the Law of Polarity. The polarity says that, listen there is the positive and the negative poles, so there's all these poler opposite and yet complementary forces that work in our world and our life every moment of the day and night. So how should we describe that? So they came up with these terms called yin and yang.

Yin describes the the dark cycle of the 24 hour day. So which of course will be night time and yang would be daytime. And so then you can sort of take that extrapolate into the universe, right? So yang is this bright sunny side of the slope. The sun is hot, it's male, it's white. And then we look at yin which is the dark, the cold female, no that doesn't mean the females are cold but it's just another way to categories the different kind of energy as compared to the male energy.

And so once we understand that the world is made of this polarity of energy, and what's really unique about it is that the yin yang has be integrated. If it is not integrated then we have disintegration which means their is no life if you don't have male and female coming together reduce of down to male, that the sperm and the egg of the female fertilize into an embryo, we would not be here, there would be no life, if there was no day or night there wouldn't be life.

If there was only darkness if there was always only light, but the fact is we have this continual cycle of alternating yin and yang polar, the polarity of this energy it underlies the pulse of life. Now if you understand that then you look within your body, and you also recognize that, hey, we're a com-positive yin and yang energies and the manifestations of these energies keep us going, like for example when muscle contract and relax, when it contract it's for yang action and when it relaxes it's yin, and without muscles contracting or relaxing, guess what? Your heart can't pump, and you can't walk, and you can't pick up things, you can't do anything.

So your body is constantly alternating between these energies, but remember balance is key. And what happens when you're out of balance? Well if your muscles are in perpetual spasms that's out of balance that's an off balance, so we need to then try to restore the balance. In this case we can use acupuncture, we can massage, we can stretch we can put heat or cold on it, and that will help to restore to normal.

Alright same thing if you're feeling feverish, you're really hot, and you're face is red and you're constipated and you find that you're dehydrated. Well you're just burning up, you're just moving way off into the yang arena, Alright? And your yin is kind of being burned out. So we need to is restore, so what do we do? We hydrate this water is a symbol of yin.

So we hydrate, we cool you down from your fever, we lubricate, we eat lots of foods that are really moisture inducing, and that helps with your bowels and so everything comes back to normal so when yin and yang are balanced, you're healthy, you're vital, you're functioning and you can pursue your life when your yin and yang is off balance you're sick, and you're disabled and worse you could be dead so that what yin and yang is all about.