How Does Coenzyme Q10 Help Keep My Heart Healthy?

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Co-enzyme Q10 is otherwise known as Co-Q10 is an antioxidant and quite important one. A lot of studies show that it helps with heart muscle rejuvenation as well as other muscle repair, but particularly for the heart and what it has shown to also do is to relax the blood vessels.

The blood vessel is lined with muscles and so as the muscles expand, contract, expand, contract, that's how the blood gets moved along. If your blood vessel is too tight then the pressure is going to rise. Well Co-Q10 helps to relax those muscles and therefore expand the diameter of your blood vessel.

Therefore it helps to lower blood pressure that way. Second benefit and I would say this is something that is quite prevalent is that Co-Q10 is used for patients who are on statin drugs. Heart doctors prescribe statin drugs to help lower cholesterol and in the process these statin drugs blocks the manufacturing of Co-Q10 in your body.

So by supplementing with Co-Q10 along with your statin drugs you can reduce the likelihood of developing side effects like muscle pain and atrophy. So Co-Q10 the dose for Co-Q10 I recommend 200 milligrams on a daily basis taken at night.