Does Human Growth Hormone Slow Aging?

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Well before we can answer that question though we have to understand what it does, human growth hormone is responsible for growth obviously so kids who are lacking in this hormone actually simply don't grow and one of the conditions is called dwarfism and so you need it. You need to grow it's responsible for helping you lengthen your bones, make your muscles bigger, stronger, healthier, help your organs develop, help you brain mature, there are a lot of things that it does.

So does it actually reverse the aging process? The answer really is more complicated than that because since there are many other factors that causes aging, so what we can say is that it because you are going to be dealing with diminishing levels of this hormone as you get older actually 30 and beyond which is kind of and depressing if you think about it, and so as you get older you start to see sagging muscles here and so for one of the reasons is because your level of human growth hormone is slowing down.

There are other medical ways to deal with this you can obviously get injections of this but I don't recommend it just because there are side effects but what if we get your body to stimulate its own growth of this hormone. In other words get your body to return to what it used to know how to do and know how to do best.

Which is to produce optimum levels of all the neural chemicals and hormones and various things your body needs and so the stimulation of this hormone along with a good lifestyle, exercise, get plenty of sleep, all contribute to a healthy optimum level of the hormones and therefore helping you slow down and possibly it reverse this aging process.