What Are the Treatment Options for Infertility in Women?

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There is several treatment options for infertile women, some simple, some more complex. Basically we have to get the egg and the sperm together at the right time. So the simplest fertility treatments involve timed intercourse, advising patients when to have intercourse. The next level of treatment are aimed at increasing the number of eggs, it could be done with a tablet called Clomiphene Ciltrate or with injections of a hormone called FSH.

In both cases we recruit more eggs and then either have the patient undergo timed intercourse or artificial insemination where we put washed sperm directly into the uterus to try to increase the chance of pregnancy. if that fails, we get into the more complex treatments most notably in-vitro fertilisation.

In in-vitro fertilization is a process whereby women take hormonal injections, the same FSH shots to recruit multiple eggs which are then retrieved in an operating room under anesthesia using a section needle. The eggs are then fertilized in an IVF lab to create embryos and three to five days later, a number of embryos are transferred.

The number of embryos to transfer is based on the age of the egg provider.