Is There a Brain Exercise I Can Do That Will Improve My Memory?

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As I mentioned earlier hippocampus has two special features. One of them is that it's very fragile and shrinks easily, but it is also fixable and malleable it can glow very easily with very simple interventions. One of the best ways to increase the size of your and reduce the effects of ageing on your brain is to memorize long lists.

When you memorize your grocery list or other things your actually increasing the size of your brain, and the more you stimulate your brain and memorize more things the bigger and stronger your hippocampus gets. Another way to stimulate your hippocampus, and the rest of your brain is to step our of your comfort zone and take on challenges and hobbies that stimulate your brain.

One of the things you could do is to do simple switch ups. So if you usually wear the watch on you left wrist, try wearing it on you right wrist. If you eat with the fork in your right hand, switch it to your left hand. By doing these exercises, you activate parts of you brain which are not usually activated.

You can in this way, cross-train different parts of your brain and make it stronger. Another thing you can do is called mirror writing. You hold a pen in each hand, you draw a line in the middle of the page and then you start writing the letters of your name, one by one in opposite direction, as if they're mirror image of each other on a horizontal line.

It is a lot easier than you think. Try it.