What Is Cryo-Sclerotherapy?

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Cryo-Sclerotherapy is the addition of cold to the treatment of Cryo-Sclerotherapy. Cryo-Sclerotherapy consists in the injection of chemical compound into the vein that irritates the inner lining of the vein, the vein curves down, collapses and disappears, and the blood is reverted to a healthy vein.

Now the procedure is done through little needles but although not really painful, it's very uncomfortable, so the addition of cold converts the procedure completely painless so instead of the regular 40 injections that you get on the treatment, you can get 80 or 120 injections and you can have the treatment two, three times in a single day and on consecutive days.

So that in two or three days, we can achieve the results that usually would take four to six months on bi-weekly visits.