What Is Enterovirus?

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Enterovirus is a group of viruses. Polio is an enterovirus, but polio has been eradicated from the United States. Other enterovirus have not, and these are viruses that commonly cause a cold. Most people get them, don't even know they had them, you get a little runny nose, a little cough, a little sneeze, and it goes away.

In a few cases, recently in California, it's been reported that five children have come down with a paralytic disease, a paralytic process after getting what we think is an enterovirus, and that is concerning because we haven't had this before, so we're not entirely sure what is going on with the enterovirus in California, we don't know why those particular children got it.

These children were immunized against polio, and so we're still investigating, we're going to get to the bottom of it.