Is There a Specific Test That Can Diagnose Enterovirus D68 in Children?

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There is a test that we can do for Enterovirus D68, to find out if that's the exact virus that is causing your child's symptoms. But the problem is that it takes a while to get it back, it's not like the the rapid strip test, where you sit there and in a few minutes we can tell you strip yes, strip no.

This can take days, sometimes weeks depending on how backed up labs so and lately we are getting more and more backed up because we are looking for the virus more. So we can't just force and remember that, there are a lot of viruses that can cause the symptoms. So usually we'll test for many, often times we don't find the exact virus that's causing the symptoms, but that is okay because we are going to treat the symptoms the same.

There is no specific treatment for Enterovirus D68, versus any other virus.