Why Does Homeopathy Use Small Doses of Diluted Substances?

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The most effective homeopathic remedies come from the most poisonous or toxic substances, OK? And if you think about the law of similars you'll understand why because those toxic substances can produce a great amount of symptoms in a healthy person, and because what it causes in a healthy person it can cure in a sick person, most effective remedies are actually the most toxic in nature, but of course you can't give a sick person a toxic substance.

So the way around that is was discovered by the original founder of homeopathy which is [xx] which was by repeatedly diluting and taking the remedies over many, many, many, many hundreds of dilutions actually the remedy can become very gentle and very safe. and the shaking which is also called sucation is what liberates certain forces of the original substance to have the healing effect which is what makes the remedies powerful.

So this process of dilution leads to nano particles, which is what's left in the end product, which is what triggers the healing response in the patient, and that healing response starts the patient to start to get better and heal on all levels. So the remedy addresses the whole person, addresses the cause of the problems, doesn't chase after the symptoms all around, when the person gets better, the symptoms get better.