In Homeopathy, What Is the Law of Similars?

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Law of Similars basically says that likes cure likes. So, something that is going to produce symptoms in a healthy person is going to cure those same symptoms in a sick person. And this week to illustrate this action is with an example. So let's say you have an onion, and you cut it, you know how when you cut an onion your eyes start to stream, they get teary, they burn, your nose can run, you can start to sneeze or when you take that picture of what an onion can cause and you think about for example hay fever, you say wow, when I have hay fever looks exactly the same way.

So if you took a tiny any tiny bit of the onion and you prepare it homeopathically, which has something to do with diluting and shaking it, such that it's an ultra dilution of the original onion and you give that to the person where the symptom picture of the person looks just like the symptom picture of the original substance creates, it provokes a healing response in the remedy.

The key here is matching the symptom picture of the person with the remedy because not all types of hay fever are going to benefit from the onion remedy, okay? Because some people have hay fever it looks totally different than what I've just described, and they would need a different remedy.