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Anytime Dr. Oz is around everyone in the building starts hiding their snacks. I need to know what it's like being married to him in the house, is it much pressure to be super healthy. Well, the implication is, well no! I'd rather be sickly, but no, never any pressure from him. He's great, and actually I'm about to add him on this show.

Yes, when I met him he was eating Fluffernutter out of salad and steak. When you met him? Yeah, I grew up with a ground raised whole grain organic and we've been vegetarian's since I was 15. Are you still? Absolutely. Are you a vegetarian? I'm not but I can boil water successfully.

But does she feed you vegetarian food? That's what she makes and I bring the leftovers so it's a pretty good life. So, you have to sterilize instruments. I do boil water. I read your book and you talk about the relationship you have, and one of the things that you said is how annoyed you got when he would come home late every night for dinner, the fact that he was saving lives Lisa, that's not important.

The operations that reminded, it was the emails that drove me crazy. After the operations the next hour and a half doing emails. What I understand is that I go to him for advice in what do you think I should do about this and that. But you said you can't change your man, you change yourself.

Now, a lot of women will say, I can't change myself, how did you say that? It takes a long time. It was years and years of me struggling trying to change the manipulation, coaxing, bribing, threatening and finally realizing. Bodily harm. How did you change yourself? I stopped I had to do some self examination, look at what was going on.

Was it that it literally about him? Why did I care so much when he was home, what did that represent to me? Was it that he didn't valued the family time as much? And it really wasn't because I knew he did, it was about me being bored, me not having enough going on that I was passionate about in my own life well, he was passionate about his career.

What? Four kids, he didn't have enough going on? No, but you know sometimes you want to talk to a grown-up. Yeah. Well, these are two of you together, knowing you, you have a fantastic real life relationship and and I think that's so great, everyone wants to know like what makes that work on a daily basis? We know all the romantics what do you say to couples? What do you say to couples? The fact that Lisa.

Here's the real story and above all. I learnt a lot just getting ready to do my show because I have to figure out what made everyone think a little better, come to you instead know what they need from you. But we talk to people you guys are beautifully, and if it get into deeper reaction or what drives you to go in it go in life.

And relationship I will never rush for toasting to champagne, and having fun, it was about growth, growing together, and so I realized early on at least he was telling me all these things like most guys as we'd lie in bed, and I'd be falling asleep after a long day doing surgery, or whatever I was doing.

She'll be telling me things I needed to hear for my life. I don't live in relationship. And I never really got it all, and I'm convinced positive that she wrote this book for me. 25 years you're finally beginning to understand her? Well, you know guys, but you've been together 25 years I suffered I suffered mouth washing.

But as you know the male mind is a very linear structure, its designed to throw spears to the running animals. And I'm telling you this because if you want to change your man. What you want to do now I am doing when I was young not paying attention she's telling me something important obviously, and I'm trying to joke.

Oh, there you go again. Is it over? Sorry. Where is his picture? My boyfriend, where is [xx]. He wrote the introduction to the book, that's all, is not it's our collective identity because I feel that our relationships really define who we are, and the quality of relationships determines the quality of our lives.

So, [xx], is actually not really me and Mehmet, it's misleading that way unintentionally, but it's also my relationship with the reader, and you as a.