Why Should I Include Protein in My Breakfast?

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I like high protein breakfast for they really satisfy me. When I tend to eat a lot carby breakfast that don't have enough of protein I get hungrier really quickly and I want a snack an hour after breakfast, when you have a high protein breakfast with 20 or more grams, you'll fill satisfied for hours.

I love proteins. Some of my favorite high protein breakfast include 0% Greek yogurt, loaded with protein, and you can make a huge parfait out of Greek yogurt with a chopped apple or a couple cups of berries, with some high fiber cereal, maybe a small handful of nuts, that's protein packed and very satisfying.

Also I love egg whites or egg beaters, and you just throw those in the microwave, you don't even have to whip up a or skill it and I pair that with fruits as well, and you can even have like a 100 calorie light bun, a high fiber burn, and it's really satisfying, protein is amazing.