What's a Healthy Holiday Appetizer?

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Some ingredients that I keep on hand to make a guilt-free holiday appetizers, well my favorite is high fiber breakfast cereal. I use that instead of bread crumbs and then I bake whatever it is that I'm making instead of frying it. So you take that cereal, throw it in the blender, turn it into breadcrumbs, season it up with some spices and then cook with whatever it is that you'd normally fry like jalapeno poppers or mushrooms or even onion rings and then you just bake them, that is a great tip.

Also fillo shells, those crunchy little guys, they have around 15 or 20 calories fill them with guilt-free ingredients like low-fat cheeses veggies, you bake them so, so good. Now if you're at a party, here's what you want to eat, okay when those germs are passed around, avoid anything that's fried and avoid the mini quiches and the pigs in a blanket.

You want to stick with things that are sort of clean so you want shrimp or shrimp cocktail. Chicken skewers on a stick with like a light dipping source that's okay and crudites cut veggies always a good option. And, if there's salsa around stick the veggies in salsa instead of the creamy dressing.