What Type of Foods Should I Avoid to Achieve Weight Loss?

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It's hard to say what kind of foods a person should avoid to lose weight, any one knows, the obvious like don't eat big fudgy brownies and don't eat cakes and pies and icecream but even more important than that is to determine what your personal trigger foods are and then avoid those.

So for me in my case trigger foods are chips and starches and breads, so if I eat one chip I have to finish the entire bag, but chocolate is not really a trigger food me so if I have a couple of M&Ms I'm fine. So the first thing you should do is identify what foods make you overeat and then avoid those, and then anything like gigantic servings that's a little bit dangerous too so if you open a big box of crackers or big tab of ice creams that can cause trouble I like portion control foods and I recommend those.