What Kitchen Tools Can I Purchase to Help Prepare Healthier Meals?

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To prepare healthy meals, you don't need fancy tools in the kitchen. One of my favorite things to use is actually is heavy duty aluminium foil. I make what I call foil packs and basically it takes to pieces of heavy duty foil, you seal, in whatever it is, make a nice little packet of it, you throw it in the oven, you bake it, take it out, be very careful when you take it out, it's going to be really hot in there, so you want to vent it to steam.

But that's it, it's not a fancy pot or pan, it's a packet of aluminium foil. Another thing I love a crock pot. Crock pots, you think they un-hip. They are totally cool. They are inexpensive. You set it, and forget it, you throw whatever you want into that crock pot, you cover it and you let it go for seven or eight hours or three or four hours depending on if you put it on a high or low and it's really amazing, you will thank me.