What Can I Substitute for Breadcrumbs in Cooking?

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Okay, if you want to use bread crumbs and you want to fry something, don't do it. Best substitute, high fiber bran cereal, fiber one definitely works best but you take that cereal you put it in a blender, you blend it into like a fine powder, then you spice it up, that cereal is going to be a little bit sweet, but this is breakfast cereal so you add things like salt, pepper or cayenne if you like hot stuff, onion powder, garlic powder, whatever you like.

Then you take whatever it is you wanted to fry you dip it in egg whites or egg substitute save the fats, then you get those crumbs coated all around it, put it on a baking sheet with non-stick cooking spray and you bake it. That's it, then no fried food. Frying out of your life, forever.