What Can I Eat Instead of Ice Cream If I'm Trying to Lose Weight?

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Now, if you love ice cream but you want better for your alternative, go to the freezer aisle and look around, you got to flip around the containers and the boxes and read. My favorite thing to do, don't buy the big containers of ice cream because even if it`s low fat or fat free it has seven servings.

We all know it`s really more of two or three servings, don`t go there. Look for the novelties, frozen novelties that are on the stick, that have about 100, 110 or 120 calories, few grams of fat. I love those little ice creams sandwiched that are fat free, or little fat. There are so many great alternatives and also fruit bars and if you buy frozen mango or if you just take a banana and freeze that and put these things in a blender, it's like an amazing ice cream swap, it's nothing but fruit, all natural.