What Are Some Healthy Sweets I Can Eat?

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Well if you really want sweet treats, I don't want to sound boring, but I absolutely love fruits. But I do [xx] fruits. So I'll cut up an apple, I'll put it in the microwave, I'll even cut it up into chunks and then throw some of red hots on it, and melt those so you make kind of [xx] apple pie substitute, or just bake a whole apple, you [xx] it and you bake it with some black cherry diet soda or something that gives you different flavor, that's great to kill a sweets craving, but if you really love chocolate, I recommend small squares of dark chocolate.

Every now and then that's not too bad. I also like chocolate covered little prune bites, I call them dried plums now it sounds more appealing than prunes but chocolate covered dry plums, or plunes, good stuff.