What Are Some Healthy Holiday Cocktails?

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Guilt free cocktails around the holidays well that is obviously an important one. So the thing about alcohol is those alcohol beverages you want most of the calories to come from the alcohol itself. Not the mixers so I lighten up holiday drinks like eggnog with some key guilt free ingredients.

So one thing I like to use when I'm making eggnog, well you have your rum but instead of using eggs and heavy whipping cream and sugar. I use sugar free pudding mix that's right a box of instant pudding mix that makes your eggnog nice and thick and it does not add a lot of calories or fat.

So you mix that with rum, and some spices like nutmeg and a little sweetener, and you've got amazing eggnog for a fraction of the calories. I also loved to make chocolate mint Martinis around the holidays and I use a sugar free hot cocoa packet that has around 20 or 25 calories and some vodka, a little mint extract, a little bit of whipped cream.

Mix it up, shake it up with some ice, you have a kicking chocolate mint martini for a fraction of the calories and if you're out like sort of either in a bar or a party and you don't know what to order, here's what you do, ask what flavored vodkas they have and get a flavored vodka, mix it with club soda and then get splash of juice.

So one of my favorite combinations is blueberry vodka, club soda and a splash of pineapple, that one always works. The thing you don't want to do is use those high calorie mixers and don't fall for tonic water because tonic water is not water and it's not like club soda, it has as much sugar and as many calories as regular soda, so tonic water is a food faker.