What Are Some Healthy Food Substitutions?

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Some of my favorite guilt-free food substitutions, okay are you ready? You need to get a pen to write this down. One, Laughing Cow Light cheese. It is life changing. This cheese is incredible it makes everything better. You can use it as a cream cheese swop, you can use it in recipes, it melts well, it's creamy, I like it so much I actually took it to a lab because I did not believe the calorie counts and it's less than a half 35 calories and my weightage came in at 33 calories.

So it's totally low in calories, in fact I love it. Another great substitution almond milk, look for unsweetened vanilla almond milk. It's a great substitute for milk. Here's the deal, a full cup of it has half the calories of skimmed milk, so it's 40 calories for a cup and it's so creamy, doesn't have the protein of milk so if you're looking for the protein you can stick with skim, but if you're using milk for oatmeal, or smoothies, or cereal, I recommend unsweetened vanilla almond milk.

Another substitution that I love for pasta is Tofu Shirataki Noodles? They too are life changing. A bag of noodles, an entire bag, just 40 calories. They're natural, they're gluten free, they're very low on carbs, they have some fiber, they even have a little protein, they taste great.

That's a terrific pasta swap, and believe it or not another pasta swap broccoli coleslaw. Now, this is just shredded cabbage, broccoli and carrots. It comes in a bag in the produce aisle, and that whole bag, like a small bag of four servings 100 calories for the entire bag, and it makes a giant pile of like faux pasta.

I add tomato sauce to that, just saute it with a little garlic it tastes a lot like pasta. It will kick that craving. Those are my favorite substitutions.