What Are Some Good Recipe Expanders?

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Well, that's the Hungry Girl, Lisa Lillien[sp?], who's revealing her plan eat twice as much and still loose five pounds this month, those were incredible testimonials. We have tons more.[xx] amazing.Folks follow your plans and they make sense, so you're going to teach us about expanders now or we're going to start off with expanding meat.

Yes, expanding meat. Are you ready for the first meat expander? I'm ready, I'm excited. We have got portabella mushrooms. Portabella mushrooms. They actually are very meaty in texture, the color works, they are satisfying and they can bulk up so many of your favorite meat dishes. Now, check this out, this is probably my all time favorite, it's a burger right, like a fast food burger, two paddies, one paddy is beef the other paddy portabella mushrooms.

So it's huge, you get all the flavor and all the satisfaction, you eat a large huge burger and you're adding hardly any calories. I'm picking one by the way. Look at that. Well. Juicy. Don't like that. Watch out for the toothpick. Oh, it's really good. See that and the mushroom it totally works.

Okay, next up is a traditional pasta bolognese, it's a meat sauce, it's beautiful but instead of using only these, it's bulked up with portabellas. So you are getting all the sauciness and all the meatiness and all the satisfaction of the noodles but because you have more veggies, you don't eat as much pasta and you are not getting all the fatty calories from the beef itself and these are steak fajitas[sp?].

So if you just, if you check this out, you can hardly even tell where the mushroom strips are. Oh, there's mushroom, yes. Mushroom and steak, it looks so much like steak, no one would ever notice that these are not just steak fajitas[sp?]. Diabolical. It's magic, isn't it? It is, I love this.

Magical. It's cool because you get that visual feedback, yup this is voluptuous food. It is. It's gorgeous and satisfying. [xx]. Meatloaf, what's your secret here? Meatloaf, it's the same deal. Again, when you're making your meatloaf instead of just using meat or putting in things that want you to put a lot of different bread type items, heaping cup of mushrooms.

Chop those portabellas, super size your meatloaf, check it out, check that out. It's a beautiful thing. I'm going to taste a little bit of this, but I guess that what I love the most about this, it's even better than regular meatloaf. This is really good. yeah, I think so too because you get the satisfaction of having your beef and then you get your little mushrooms.

But what I like the most is a mum can actually change the meals a little bit for herself without changing the meals for her kids and her husband. You're exactly right. No more thinking. Oh, what am I going to eat? What's my family going to eat? Kids, husbands, everyone will love this and most of the time they don't even realize that the expanders are hidden in the food.

Even better. Even better. Let's go over the calorie counter, I'll just give you one example with the meatloaf everybody. Traditional meatloaf, this one, smaller in volume, please notice, it's 564 calories which is not crazy, but that's a pretty big calorie serving especially if you are trying to lose weight over this time period.

The hungry girl's version is 189 calories. Yeah, alright, let's move on to the carb expanders. This is the place that people trip up all the time, so what's your big carb expander? Cab expander today is, zucchini. I love Zucchini, it works so well in so many dishes, and I love carbs but I like volume when it comes to carbs.

So check it out, this is awesome. Lasagna, okay. You still get those wavy, curly noodles that everybody craves and loves and the satisfaction of real noodles, but every other layer, zucchini. Look at that, look at how high that is. I know. I love it. You get the sauce, you get the cheese, there it is, a giant portion of lasagna.

Next muffins. Again, it's the kind of thing you don't need as much as the flour, you bulk it up with some shredded zucchini, it's hidden in there you'd never know it, it just tastes like amazing. These are massive muffins. Those are massive. We can block the sun out with these, they're huge! They are supersized muffins, and then this is actually my favorite of all.

It's incredible because I love potato skins, but instead of using the potato, here we're using zucchini. So you scoop out the seeds and you make like a fake potato skin with all the stuff you love in a potato skin. You got the cheddar, reduced fat, you've got some bacon either center-cut or turkey, sour cream, reduced fat, it's crunchy, that's a home run.

No, I just, I think that it's better than the potato skin. I think so too. It's got the right texture to it. And it's not as greasy.