What Are Healthy Snack Options?

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Well I'm a big snacker. I think snacks are great because they help keep you feel satisfied, if you eat snacks through out the day you wont be as hungry at meal times so you keep your calorie counts in check. The snacks that I like to eat te to have about 100 calories or so, and on my diet plan you get three snacks a day and each of them have 100 calories.

I'm a foodie so I tend to not love sweet snacks although the plan does have a lot of sweet snacks. I tend to go for more foodie snacks things like a hundred calories worth of soup or I love making pizza bellas which basically a pizza swap made out of portabella mushroom. That's one of my favorite things, and also I'm a French fry lover so I tend to like to make French fries out of other produce like butternut squash or carrots, and then you just bake it instead of frying it.

100 calories, so satisfying.