What Are Healthy Alternatives to Halloween Candy?

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When it comes to Halloween candy, all candy not created equal I promise you. You want to look for things that are fat free. So my favorite Halloween candies are like lollipops, gummies, I especially like lollipops because they take along time to eat, sure they have sugar but they have no fat.

So stick with the fat free stuff. You really don't want the chocolate, the caramel, the uwes, the gooey, go for like more of the hard candy and lollipops. Now I have a Halloween tip not for kids but for mums, if you were the kind of person that cannot resist Halloween candy, this is what you do, buy the candy that you don't like, if you have candy that's going to tempt you, you are going to eat it.

So buy whatever it is that you don't like at all, then you have that in a big bowl before Halloween, it's not tempting, brilliant.