How Can Soup Help Me Lose Weight?

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I'm back with hungry girl Lisa Lilly who's revealing her number one secret, eat as much and still loose five pound this month. So, spill the beans, what's the secret source? Okay secret is soup. Soup? Soup! Yes I'm a soup lover, I eat soup pretty much almost every day and it can really help if you're trying to cut calories and feel satisfied.

There is so much research out there on the value of soup, you know one bowl of soup is a perfect meal replacement, tonnes of data on this, I'm very happy you picked that. Thank you. So walk me through, before I get to the actual meals, is there a particular meal we should try to replace with soup and really not make a difference? You know, I think it just depends on your day.

You have to plan ahead, so if you know you are the big dinner coming up, replace your lunch. If you know you have a big lunch, replace your dinner. You can mix and match, either of those work. So what's your favorite replacement for the clear broths, the clear soups. The best soup expander for clear broth soups, corn flour.

This is mixed just chopped, cut cabbage and carrots that you get at the supermarket and I'm not talking about maiyoi cold flour that you get at the [xx] and you find it at the supermarket in the produce section, it's pretty [xx], you only have to chop it off. It's so easy to use.

Again it is really satisfying, low in calories and it boats up that soup and fills you up. I love [xx] anyway and I'm got to say I like the idea of this in particular because you can have three bowls of hungry girls soup, the soup that we will show right here compared to one bowl of homemade noodles, is that right? Yeah it is yeap, [xx] one.

It is amazing. You lose weight and you won't even realize it? Exactly. What is the expander you would like to make soups a little bit creamier? Okay this is one of my newest expanders. We just tested it out last this week, I'm so happy to [xx] with you here today, and it's so cool, I'm so excited about this, it's Greek Yogurt.

Now I love Greek yogurt, it's so popular now, the non fat kind, it tastes super creamy, it's super high in protein, very low in calories, and all you do is take one can of tomato soup. You look for low fat tomato soup that is low in sodium, full can to one six container of fat free Greek yogurt, heat it up and you're done.

Super Duper creamer. I don't understand how we're not all doing this already, this is so sharp. I don't know, I was so excited when I tried it. Remember I said it was 3:1 ratio because we measured all your calories out with the clear soups, in order to make a tomato soup creamy has been shown here, two bowl of hungry girls tomato soup can be eaten the same calories content of one bowl traditional tomato soup, so I mean I can't beat that.

It's going to be the smartest easy way to go. Let's go with the plan one more time. This is Hungry girls plan to lose 5 pounds this month. You've got to move 15 minutes a day, you can eat your regular breakfast, you can eat one meal, one of those remaining meals a day with Lisa's' food expanders, you do that every single day, and you are going to replace the other meal with soup, can get it separate now.

We're all clear on this? Do that for the next month and you'll be writing in with thank you notes, and I'll be staring them with Lisa, alright. For a complete list of Hungry Girls Food Expanders recipe, log on to