How Can I Make My Favorite Dishes Healthier?

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And what's your favorite dish of all? I mean of all the [xx], this is that you make. I think this one is the one that is the most popular with pretty much everyone across the board. This is Fettuccine Alfredo that, okay we start with the spinach noodle, so it's green already. Then you take a veggie peeler, one of this guys, and you just peel your Zucchini into strips and they look exactly like noodles, and you bulk up up your fettuccine, Zucchinocine.

That's very good. So, Zucchinocine here, regular Fettuccini here. I want to just have you all notice the volume, impact on your eyes. If you looked at this, this does not look like it's going to fill you up and in fact it's got 650 calories, traditional fettucine, 650 calories. Hungry girl's Fettuccine Zucchaccine as you call it.

Zucchinoccine. Zucchinoccine 326 calories. 650 calories. It's embarrassingly simple. Yeah there it is. That Zucchini [xx]. It is so straightforward. It's a kind that you can make automated as part of the next month of all the meals you'll eat. Okay, finally let's move on to your last expander.

This expander is for all the splurges. So, it's going to deal with a lot of the mistakes we make especially during the holiday season. What kind of things are we splurging on that you can't help us with? We splurge on cookies and cake. Today, we're focusing on cakes, cup cakes, cakes, who doesn't love cake over the holidays right? Well, with this expander, you can enjoy them completely without guilt.

You want to know what it is? I'm very curious. Okay. Flavored seltzer. Flavored seltzer. Seltzer? Yes, yes it's just soda water, and let me tell you how you do this. If you have a cake mix from a box, it will often tell you to add, eggs, oil or butter, tons of fat that you just don't need, instead you just take the cake mix, and you get a flavored seltzer, you mix the two, you bake it up, it's amazing.

You can mix and match flavors, you can get chocolate and raspberry, yellow cake with orange, the key is to look for unsweetened, the seltzer that just has an essence of fruit. It looks the same. It looks the same. It's actually fluffier, it's brilliant, and you don't get all the fat, you save so much fat and calories.

Oh! my goodness. Don't believe me. This stuff is really cool. Yeah, he's doing it. pass that around over there. Pass it around. I don't understand this, how can you replaced fat and oils with seltzer water? They look the same. It's all you need, and the carbonation also helps make it fluffier, it just works and it's so simple.

So, before I give the calorie count, so you know what they are you guys thoughtful about this, it's shockingly different not what you have expected. Alright, for traditional cake mix with oils and eggs you mentioned fair amount of fat and that, 280 calories. What I just passed out to you guys hungry girls cake, is a 160 calories a serving.

I'm going to get this straight. You served us Lazzania, the burger that I had over there, the Zucchinoccine, cakes, cupcakes here, you can eat all that stuff and still lose five pounds this month. Yeah, it works, it worked for me. I just plan a lot if you want to drop five pounds, I'm telling you it couldn't be easier and you'll feel completely satisfied.

Alright, so let me get you the plan is very easy plan to follow, you got to do it, every single day. You are going to move 15 minutes, you can move 15 minutes, right? That's not major, that's part of the things you do naturally anyway. Then you're going to eat your regular breakfast, and if you have this plan straight, you are going to have replace one of the other meals of the day, with these foods expanders, that we've been talking about.

Then you're going to replace the other meal, with Hungry girl's.