How Can I Make Healthy Sandwich Choices?

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If you've a sandwich or a sub shop, it's really easy to make good choices there. First of all, something really surprising, a lot of those daily meats have the same stats. So it's obvious that turkey is lean and low in fat and calories, but even lean ham and lean roast beef, they have similar stats.

The big food flicker there, tuna salad, it is loaded with male, loaded with fat, and not the best choice. And when once you see what your protein is, when you get your bread, scoop out the doughy insides, okay? You'll still have a nice crusty, crispy piece of bread, and a beautiful sandwich but you're saving a lot of carby calories, and condiments avoid that male.

The male can add a hundred calories easily like 10 grams of fats to your sandwich. Secret Spicy master, much better choice.