How Can I Eat Healthy at a Mexican Restaurant?

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I love Mexican food. Now, the number one thing you should avoid at a Mexican restaurant is that basket of chips and guacamole, just tell the waiter, 'Don't even bring it.', because it's loaded with calories and fatty calories and guacamole while it has healthy avocado there's other ingredients in it and you really can't eat it alone.

So if you want an appetizer at a Mexican restaurant, stick with ceviche which is basically just fish that's been marinated and it's about 150 calories and very low in fat, and then for your main course, you want to avoid all the stuff that's loaded with oil and too much cheese.

So anything that ends in -ada, enchilada, empanada, tostada, those are not great choices. I tend to go for soft tacos so I'll order like soft chicken tacos, but instead of eating both tortillas, I'll take the insides from both tacos, and put it in one tortilla, and then I again don't really get the sour [xx], really get the sour cream, I don't really get the guaca, I avoid the rice, I just get a lot of veggies, and chicken and a tortilla, it's really satisfying.

Now in terms of cocktails in a Mexican restaurant, I know you're going to want to drink that Margarita, but you should avoid it, there's a few issues, one, they have about 500 calories, and they're very sugary and they make you crave sugar and more margaritas, which is not a good idea, so instead, just sort of tequila, club soda on rocks with a squeeze of lime juice spend a the calories, and you feel like you've had a healthy margarita.