How Can I Cut Calories From Alcohol?

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How can you cut calories from alcohol? Well, you can't actually cut calories from alcohol, but the key to any drink, in any mix drink, in any cocktail is to not get too many calories from the mixers. Because let's say a shot of clear alcohol has about 75 to 100 calories on average, so you don't want to mix things in that are too sugary and too high in calories.

So you can use sugar free drink mixes you can use club soda with a little bit of a squeeze of a lemon or a lime that's your best bet. Now if you're more of a beer or wine fun stick with light beer because those aren't too bad 90-110 Calories sometimes you can find 55 Calorie beer like that.

And then wine not a bad choice if you really want to lighten it up even more add some club soda make spritzer, it's a little 80s but still good.