How Can I Avoid Overeating at Holiday Parties?

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Everyone always wants to know, how do I avoid overeating at holiday parties? First of all, the first mistake everybody makes, they say, hey, I'm going to a party tonight, I'm going to starve myself throughout the day and save all my calories for the party. That is the worst idea ever, because you know what's going to happen? You're going to get to that party and you're going to eat everything in sight, and you're going to drink everything in site.

So you want to have a snack, something sensible, a couple of 100 calories before you get to the party. Another good tip, don't over do on the alcohol because, you might get a little tipsy and act silly and then ofcourse, you'll eat too much. So maybe have a drink or two, maybe switch out every other drink with a glass of water so you're not over doing it on the alcohol and the get those smart or doves, stick with things like shrimp cocktail and chicken skewers, cut veggies with salsa, all great ideas.

Avoid the stuffs that's fried and too creamy and too saucy, you know, you know what to do.