Can I Eat a Lot and Still Lose Weight?

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[xx] You are so popular. And they love you what do you think connects you so much to all those women out there who are desperately trying to lose weight and just crying out help me you know I think it's because I really understand what women want and we all want volume you know we're always told control your portions and eat smaller amounts of food but at the end of the day we all want to eat more and more and I've pretty much devoted my life to finding ways to eat huge volumes of food and keep the calorie count in check and feel satisfied and get all the flavor you want so you've made me a big promise as we're talking about the show it's a promise that she's going to teach you all about how to eat twice as much and still have us lose weight.

So how's this work? You know it's all about expanding and adding volume to your food without adding a lot of calories it's really that simple, it's all about those portions again I'm going to challenge you again because this is the holiday season it's the toughest time of the year to lose weight people are struggling all over the place just to maintain their weight, how confident are you that you could help us lose weight, I'm pretty confident the thing about with the holiday time is that a lot of people starve themselves throughout the day and then they have these marathon eating sessions, they go to parties and they feel like if they not eating a lot throughout the day then they're okay to eat more at night, but then they end up over eating and it goes a little bit crazy.

But with this plan, you're satisfied throughout the day and you don't overdo it when go to your little cocktail parties or your holiday dinners it's all good. Well, I love that you have a strategy for the holiday season because it's a catastrophe for so many of us. I'm a little curious, this idea of food expanders, where did you come up with that? well, like a lot of people I've struggled with my weight I was actually 25 pounds heavier than I'm now and I try to one of those fine diets and I realized that it's not always.

 There is a picture of you. I know, look at my giant hair? But, I realized that it's about finding things that you can live with forever, and for me it was about getting volume and eating a lot of food that made me feel satisfied without taking in too many calories. And that is how the idea of expenders was born.